New charges for Facebook Live ‘accidental’ shooter

The woman accused of shooting a friend in the head while they were recording a Facebook Live video is facing additional charges.

ABC 13 reports that Cassandra Damper has been charged with aggravated assault with reckless serious bodily injury after the gun she was holding fired a bullet into Devyn Holmes’s head early Sunday morning. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Damper told police in an interview that she did not realize the gun was loaded; and investigators had been treating the shooting as accidental.

Damper, Holmes, and an unidentified male were in a parked car at a Valero gas station in Houston Sunday morning when Holmes and the male passenger were seen holding and waving guns in front of a camera while it broadcast a Facebook Live stream. At one point Holmes can be heard saying “You’re making me nervous.”

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Shortly after that a gun goes off, and Holmes is shot. The moment he is hit by a bullet was edited out of the video that circulated online, but he is seen slumped over and bleeding.

Damper allegedly tried to wipe gun residue from her hands, and was previously charged with tampering with evidence. Police said earlier this week that further charges were possible.

According to ABC 13, Holmes is expected to survive, and is currently being treated in a hospital.


[Feature image: Cassandra Damper/Houston Police Department]