Teen mom and boyfriend fatally beat 4-year-old, scald him in shower after he spills cereal: Prosecutor

A man and woman in Pennsylvania are facing murder charges after a boy in their custody was found unresponsive at their home in January and later died.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 19-year-old Lisa Smith was eight months pregnant when she and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Keiff King beat the 4-year-old child to death.

Smith reportedly told police that her son, Tajir, confessed to spilling cereal prior to the fatal beating. The young victim’s mother said he had been acting “sneaky” before admitting what he did, police said at the time.

After he was beaten, police said King and Smith forced the boy to take a scalding shower as a punishment for urinating on himself. He was reportedly unresponsive from that point forward.

When Smith attempted to call an ambulance, King allegedly told her to stop, adding that the boy “is still breathing.”

According to Fox News, both suspects were charged this week with first-degree murder.

While both suspects claimed they administered only a “butt whooping” using their hands and a sandal, investigators determined the boy was beaten in his head and throughout his body.

An autopsy ruled his death a homicide caused by “multiple blunt injuries, thermal injuries and shock.”

A statement on Friday from Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele indicated that the charges were filed in result of “the senseless killing” of Tahjir Smith by “the very person entrusted to care for the boy.”

King and Smith are scheduled to appear in court again on April 18. In the meantime, they are being held behind bars without bail.

[Featured image: Lisa Smith and Keiff King/Montgomery County District Attorney]