Urgent warning about synthetic weed as deadly bleeding outbreak spreads, doctors suspect rat poison

An outbreak of uncontrollable bleeding caused by synthetic marijuana has spread beyond Illinois, Gizmodo reports.

Two people have died in Illinois and at least 89 people have been diagnosed with what medical officials are calling “synthetic cannabinoid-associated coagulopathy.” As of Friday, at least one person has shown symptoms of the condition believed to be caused by synthetic marijuana products like K2, which weakens the body’s blood-clotting ability.

Synthetic cannabinoids are sometimes manufactured with undisclosed toxic ingredients. In the case of the latest outbreak, Gizmodo reports that several patients have tested positive for brodifacoum, which is common in rodenticide, leading medical experts to suspect the product causing the outbreak was laced with rat poison.

Bruce Anderson, executive director of the Maryland Poison Center, released a statement warning agains the use of synthetic marijuana.

We’re warning people to not use synthetic cannabinoids,” the statement reads.

“While never safe, the recent increased risk of adverse effects such as synthetic cannabinoid-associated coagulopathy makes it critical for people to abstain.”

Anderson told Gizmodo that the Maryland patient’s condition is improving and they are expected to recover.


[Feature image: Associated Press]