Man goes on stabbing spree in crowd, injuring three, after blasting siren on bullhorn: Cops

An Indiana man is in custody after police say he injured three people in an unprovoked knife attack on a crowd of people.

According to Fox News, 57-year-old Gary Madison was arrested Saturday after the incident at the American Legion Mall near Indianapolis’ Central Library.

Officials say the suspect was hospitalized along with his three victims for treatment of injuries sustained in the attack.

Two individuals were initially listed in critical condition and the other two in serious condition, according to Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita Reith.

According to a police report, the stabbing victims were identified as Edward Lee Atkins, 26; James Anderson Jr., 28; and Johnny Gilson, 46.

One woman in the crowd described the scene to the Indianapolis Star, recalling that the suspect arrived on a bicycle and began blaring the siren shortly after dismounting.

Taylor George said the man attempted to stab her and her best friend, but both were able to move out of the way of his blade in time.

“I was really scared,” she said. “I thought I was going to get stabbed.”

In addition to injuring three of her friends, George said the attacker accidentally stabbed himself in the abdomen.

“He pulled his knife out of his pocket and when he couldn’t get us with the knife, he threw his bike at us,” George said. “And that’s when my family members and friends tried to stop him.”

She said four men worked together to stop the suspect.

[Featured image: Gary Madison/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department]