Monday Crime Stories: Convicted killer Adnan Syed gets a new trial in wake of ‘Serial’ podcast revelations

PLUS: NYC judge tossed from bench over dirty panties burglary

Adnan Syed was 19 when he was convicted of murdering a high school girlfriend, but he was granted a new trial after his case was the focus of the “Serial” podcast. His new lawyers argue Syed never got a fair trial because his then-defense team did not contact a key alibi witness.

Nancy Grace looks into the case with Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, Southern California prosecutor Wendy Patrick, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, Chicago psychologist Dr. Tiffany Sanders, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Larry Meagher.

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Grace also digs into the strange case of a New York judge who allegedly broke into a neighbor’s home and stole her dirty panties. She discusses the case with Seattle lawyer Anne Bremner, private investigator Vincent Hill, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, Juvenile Judge Ashley Willcott, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Pamela Furr.

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[Feature Photo: Shamim Syed and Adnan Syed via AP/Patrick Semansky]