Nurse ‘performed an intervention’ on multiple patients, killing one and sending two into vegetative state: Cops

A Texas man who until last month was a registered nurse is now facing criminal charges including murder in connection with his treatment of at least three patients.

According to CBS News, 34-year-old William George Davis is accused of entering the individuals’ rooms at Owen Hart Hospital, where he “performed an intervention” that led to serious or fatal medical reactions in each case.

Investigators are also reportedly trying to determine whether his actions played any role in medical complications suffered by four other patients.

Davis was fired in February and his license was suspended by the state nursing board the following month. The order filed by the state agency tied the decision to his care of a patient on August 4.

That report indicated that “the patient immediately deteriorated from their stable condition” after contact with the suspect and died a couple of days later. Additional details were not included.

In two later cases, he is accused of similarly causing a health deterioration, in both cases leading to a patient entering a vegetative state.

Reports indicate Davis was not charged with caring for any of the three alleged victims.

Following the most recent incident, which occurred in January, Davis reportedly told hospital administrators that he had merely “silenced an IV that was beeping.”

He was subsequently arrested and, as of the latest reports available, remained in custody at Smith County jail with bond set at $2 million.

An initial police statement did not confirm whether the murder charge he is expected to face is directly related to the August death.

[Featured image: William George Davis/Smith County Jail]