VIDEO: Nick Gordon wants to ‘be with his angels’ Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina, girlfriend claims on police cam

Police body cam footage captured a sobbing Nick Gordon minutes before he was arrested for domestic assault last month, a charge that was later dropped.

TMZ reports that Gordon, who’s the former fiancé of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, cried and complained to Seminole County police officers on March 10, after they arrived to his home in reference to a domestic dispute call.

Police body cam footage recorded Gordon’s outbursts as he called his current fiancé, Laura Leal, crazy and accused her of attacking him. Leal, however, told the officers that not only did Gordon punch her numerous times in the face after she refused sex with him, but that he also brought up Bobbi Kristina Brown and the late Whitney Houston. According to Leal, Gordon said he wanted to go be with his angels.

“He wants to be with his angels…just let him be with them. I just want to go home!” Leal cried.

Whitney Houston died in 2012 of coronary artery disease, while her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina, passed away in 2016 from pneumonia after she submerged in a bathtub while intoxicated, according to CBS.

When an officer questioned him about Leal’s statement, Gordon threw his hands up and shrugged it off.

“What? What? C’mon man,” Gordon said.

Gordon was ultimately arrested and charged with battery but prosecutors later dropped the charges after Leal retracted her accusations.

**WARNING: Graphic Language**

[Feature Photo: Nick Gordon/Police Handout]