Man wakes from nap to find fugitive who had been hiding out in his closet: Cops

A Florida homeowner reportedly found an unwanted intruder who had been hiding out in one of his home’s closets this week. As it turned out, though, the man was wanted by local cops.

According to WOFL , 87-year-old Herman Jackson was taking a nap Thursday when he heard someone jostling a door.

Prior to that point, the military veteran said he was completely unaware Alex Koretsky had been hiding out in his closet.

“Everything was torn up,” the homeowner said. “And a lot of it on the floor like he was trying to find something to change in to. I don’t know.”

When the suspect allegedly left the hiding spot, Jackson said he was startled from his nap.

“I looked up and there he was standing in my living room,” he recalled.

Though the man attempted to explain his presence by saying he was looking for a bottle of water, Jackson said he immediately called police.

By the time officers arrived, the suspect was long gone, but police apprehended Koretsky a short time later.

Lucky to have escaped unscathed, Jackson said he is left with a valuable lesson: Always lock your doors.

“I was always forgetting the key,” he said. “I’d have to come around and I’d have to come around back and get in.”

That hassle, he has learned, is no match to sharing his living room with a convicted criminal.

Authorities say Koretsky and his girlfriend, Shelby Adams, were on the lam in a stolen vehicle when they were apprehended a short time later.

[Alexander Koretsky/Brevard County Sheriff’s Office]