911 dispatcher who took failed emergency call from dying teenager will return to work

A 911 dispatcher suspended after a teen boy died following a botched emergency call will return to work.

The New York Daily News reports that Cincinnati dispatcher Amber Smith is expected to return to work on Wednesday, less than a week after she was suspended for her role in failed 911 call attempt that appears to have cost 16-year-old Kyle Jacob Plush his life.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Plush made a desperate 911 call on Tuesday while he was trapped inside a Honda Odyssey minivan at the Seven Hills School in Hamilton County. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Kyle had gone to his car to get tennis equipment and placed his knee on a third-row bench seat, which flipped over, trapping him underneath. Officers responded to Kyle’s first 911 call in which he said he needed help in the parking lot but didn’t reveal the make or model of the car, so the responding officers couldn’t find him.

Smith fielded Kyle’s second 911 call.

“This is not a joke,” he said. “I am trapped inside a gold Honda Odyssey van in the parking lot of Seven Hills. … Send officers immediately. I’m almost dead……I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom I love her if I die.”

Smith reportedly said that she could not hear the teen boy, and can reportedly be heard on the recording asking if anyone is on the line. But investigators have not found anything wrong with the phone system.

The boy’s father found him dead in the van later that night when he went looking for him. An autopsy determined that Kyle died from asphyxia due to chest compression.

 In a Facebook post prior to the tragic mishap, Smith reportedly complained that working overtime hours while co-workers took time off was making her “hate” her job.

Last year, Smith was commended for her handling of an emergency call from a girl whose parents had overdosed on heroin while she was in the car with them. Smith kept the little girl on the line, reassuring her, while authorities worked to trace the location of the call. The little girl was rescued and paramedics were able to revive her parents.


[Feature Image: Kyle Plush/Handout]