BREAKING: Body found near site of Hart cliff-plunge is Sierra Hart, age 12

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s office announced on Tuesday that DNA analysis has identified the body found near the site of a fatal SUV plunge is Ciera Hart, known as Sierra Hart.

The sheriff’s press release confirmed that Ciera’s legal name had never been changed to Sierra. Initially authorities believed she was 12 years old, but later in the investigation revised the age to 15. The coroner’s examination determined “Ciera’s legal age as being 12 years-old at the time of the incident as opposed to 15 years-old which was also previously released,” according to the sheriff’s statement.

Sierra Hart/FBI Handout


Ciera’s adoptive mothers, Jennifer and Sarah Hart, along with three of her siblings, were killed in the March 26 crash. Jennifer Hart had a blood-alcohol level of .102 at the time, and authorities believe she drove the family’s SUV over a cliff intentionally.

Ciera’s siblings Devonte Hart, 15, and Hannah Hart, 16, are still missing.

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[Feature image: The Hart Family/Associated Press]