Two men fire rifles into home over social media spat, kill sleeping 1-year-old girl: Prosecutor

Two men in Indiana are facing charges related to a shooting that left a 1-year-old girl dead last month.

According to WXIN, Darrin Banks and Brian Palmer pleaded not guilty in court this week to charges of murder and battery with a deadly weapon in the commission of the deadly March 29 crime.

According to an affidavit filed by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Detective Jeremy Ingram, however, both men acknowledged their roles in the shooting.

“Both Mr. Banks and Mr. Palmer admitted to firing .223 caliber rounds at the residence … and knew it to be occupied by several people,” he wrote.

Though officials do not believe the pair specifically targeted Malaysia Robson, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry included murder among the criminal counts he announced this week. He said the decision fell in line with state law.

“In Indiana, a murder can be charged as intentional … or it can be charged as knowing, which means you are aware of a high probability that the conduct you are engaging in could result in death,” he said.

Since this crime would fall into the latter category, Curry explained that it is “not a matter that would be appropriate for the consideration of a death penalty.”

Instead, prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for Banks and Palmer without the possibility of parole.

Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Bryan Roach said police are looking for two women — Darrha Banks and Sydney Guynn — identified as persons of interest believed to have been in the car when the shots were fired.

According to the Indiana Daily Student, an argument that started on social media and escalated to violence in the real world.

Curry added that it was “entirely legal” for the suspects to drive with firearms in the vehicle.

“To me that raises the question of when are we going to have a serious conversation in the state and nationwide about sensible gun regulation,” he said.

A GoFundMe campaign to cover Robson’s final expenses has already exceeded its $2,500 goal.

[Featured image: Malaysia Robson/GoFundMe]