Desperate search continues for missing mom who mysteriously disappeared while riding an ATV with two male friends

A heartbroken Murray, Kentucky family remains hopeful that answers are still forthcoming in the Thursday, March 29 disappearance of their loved one—a young daughter, wife, and mother.

According to NBC affiliate WPSD Local 6, Samantha Sperry, 25, has been missing for nearly three weeks.

Local authorities received a tip on March 30 that Sperry was with Rhen Hendrickson, 30, who was thought to be armed and suicidal when he was declared missing the day before after police found his deserted vehicle.

Law enforcement conducted a search for both missing people over several days until Hendrickson, alone and in a state of dehydration and hypothermia, approached a local home for assistance on the night of Sunday, April 1. He was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon told the news network that his associates have spoken with Hendrickson regarding Sperry’s whereabouts, but he has not provided information. Three deputies continue the investigation full-time. “We’ve probably put more time and effort into this missing persons case than any others that we’ve had,” the Sheriff said.

Sperry, Henrickson, and an unnamed male friend were riding an ATV in Kaler Bottoms, a wildlife management area, before it got stuck, Redmon said according to The Paducah Sun. The unnamed friend told investigators that he left Kaler Bottoms with Sperry and came out near highway KY 131. Sperry planned to walk to a relative’s house, but she never made it.

In addition to police efforts in the weeks since her disappearance, family and friends of Sperry have conducted extensive volunteer search efforts in a 3,000-acre wooded area, aided by concerned community members. “These volunteers, they’re strangers. They don’t know my daughter and they have come out numerous days to help find her and there’s just not a way to express our gratitude,” said Sperry’s mother Tina Artis.

“If you know where Samantha is, if you [know] what has happened to her, you know you have to do the right thing,” Artis told television cameras. “We just beg you to do the right thing so that we can have our closure.”

Sperry is 5’6” and 125 pounds with blonde hair and hazel eyes, last seen in a hoodie, gray sweatpants, and sneakers. Readers are urged to call the Graves County Sheriff’s Office at (270) 247-4501 with any pertinent information

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