Watch: After SUV rams into house and ruptures gas line, cops arrive just as it EXPLODES

Authorities in Texas have released footage from a dash-mounted police camera revealing the moment a residence exploded as officers dispatched to the location approached.

According to KTRK, the incident occurred in Hurst, a Fort Worth suburb, on April 7.

Local police were called to the scene to investigate reports of a car that had crashed into the home.

As the recently released footage reveals, officers walking into the yard witnessed the sudden explosion. Reports indicate the crash resulted in a gas line rupture that ultimately triggered the blast.

One officer narrowly escaped serious injury when he jumped back out of the way of fire and projectiles, as seen in the video.

Three occupants of the home and two responding officers sustained injuries in the explosion.

As Time reported, 35-year-old Alejandro Enriquez-Castro was behind the wheel of the SUV that collided with the home.

He was arrested at the scene when he could not provide a driver’s license. Reports indicate he was also wanted by U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement for a separate issue.

Officer Travis Hiser, the officer seen diving out of the way of the explosion, credited “divine intervention” for the fact that no one was critically injured.

He and Cpl. Ryan Tooker were transported to an area hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The three occupants hurt in the explosion are expected to recover.

“There was definitely some divine intervention that was reaching down and slowing those vehicles down from making scene and then taking a finger and pushing me away from the house and the path that I went,” Hiser said. “Otherwise, I would have been up on the wall and it would have exploded completely into my face.”

[Featured image: KTRK/video screenshots]