Watch: Police release footage showing fatal shooting of theft suspect Elijah Smith

Authorities in Utah have released footage from body-mounted cameras being worn by the three officers involved in a fatal shooting earlier this month.

According to KSTU 20-year-old Elijah Smith was fatally shot on April 8 after West Valley City police officers chase the suspected thief on foot to a nearby residence.

At that location, police say the subject forced his way inside the home where three children resided.

“From the time officers opened the garage door to the time shots were fired was approximately 24 seconds,” Chief Colleen Jacobs said.

She added that officers “told him 15 times, in those 24 seconds, to show them his hands and to come out from hiding.”

Friends and relatives of the suspect, however, say police acted with excessive force given the situation.

“He was doing what they asked,” friend Alexis Miles said. “He was getting his hands out of his pockets.”

In addition to the video below, Breaking 911 published the police department’s report detailing the timeline leading up to the shooting.

The incident began at around 3:15 p.m. when officers were alerted of a suspected theft at a Cricket Wireless location. Several minutes later, police spotted a suspect and gave chase.

Pursuing officers reported that Smith went into another home before entering the residence in which he was shot.

“Inside house number two, there are three children, ages 13, 10 and 8, who are home alone,” police reported. “The 13-year-old later told police that Smith ‘barged in,’ entered the home ‘aggressively’ and that the child was ‘scared.'”

Viewer discretion advised: Video contains graphic content

[Featured image: video screenshot]