Police find dead baby after passerby spots an empty carriage in a park; mother hospitalized with self-inflicted injuries

A Canadian mother has been taken into custody in connection with her toddler daughter’s death.

CBC reports that Audrey Gagnon, 23, was set to face charges in court on Thursday, but the hearing has been delayed after the young mother reportedly hurt herself intentionally while in police custody. Authorities told the news outlet that the injuries are not life-threatening.

Both Audrey and her two-year-old daughter were reported missing on Wednesday after a passerby spotted an empty baby carriage in Parc Bon-Air on 60th Street. Later that day, investigators found the body of two-year-old Rosalie Gagnon in a garbage can in the Charlesbourg district, reportedly close to the park where the empty stroller was found.

The same afternoon, police located Audrey at a residence a little over a mile from the park. She was with a man, but he was released after being interviewed by police.

Though police are reportedly recommending that Audrey be charged with murder, city prosecutors will ultimately determine if the charge should be first-degree murder, second-degree murder, or manslaughter. The CBC report did not indicate when the court appearance would be rescheduled.

According to the National Post, an autopsy has been scheduled to determine the toddler’s cause of death. It is not known if she had any visible injuries when she was found.

[Feature image: Audrey Gagnon, Rosalie Gagnon/Quebec City Police Service]