Toddler ‘killed by her teddy bear’ after falling asleep under massive toy: Mom

A Scottish mother is mourning her 18-month-old daughter’s death and warning other parents to be careful what they allow in their children’s bed.

According to the New York Post, Dexy Leigh Walsh of Dundee said she had placed large stuffed animals in the gaps around daughter Connie Rose’s crib in an effort to prevent her from getting stuck.

She said that one of those plush toys fell on top of the young girl, suffocating her as she slept.

“I want every parent to see and be aware of this,” Walsh said. “Let them fall, don’t try to stuff small places up with soft things; just leave it empty.”

While it won’t undo what she calls her “biggest regret in life,” the mother is now committing herself to an education campaign targeted at other parents.

“She had a bed guard at one side and the smallest gap from her wall to the bed and that’s where I had put all her teddies,” Walsh said.

The mourning mom went on to share tips she said she learned through a tragedy she wants to prevent other families from experiencing.

“Please move everything off your kids’ bed and away from the sides,” Walsh said.

An older daughter had a bed “covered in cushions, teddies” and other adornments, she said, but the loss of her youngest put things in perspective.

“They don’t need anything on their bed but a cover,” she said. “A pillow isn’t even needed. I really hope my little princess’ tragic story can save someone else baby’s life.”

[Featured image: Connie Rose/Facebook]