As suspects ‘viciously attacked’ officers, woman jumped in and ‘body-slammed’ aggressor: Cops

Authorities in Wisconsin say a woman accompanying a suspect wanted for parole violation secured her own criminal charges when she “viciously attacked” two officers attempting to arrest the man.

According to Fox News, 21-year-old Jacob R. Hellenbrand and 21-year-old Olivia J. Boomsma were outside of a convenience store in Portage when police approached them.

Portage Police Sgt. Eric Walters and Officer Brian Lowenhagen were both attacked by the suspects shortly after the interaction began.

Reports indicate Broomsma attacked Loewenhagen, punching him “several times” as Walters attempted to restrain her.

During that struggle, police alleged Hellenbrand “was able to blade his body toward Sgt. Walters and forcefully kick Sgt. Walters on the right side of his face and head.”

The blow reportedly caused him to lose consciousness.

Vanessa Guerra, a Divine Savior Hospital employee, happened to notice the commotion and ran over to the scene, according to police reports.

As the off-duty medical assistant checked on Wilson’s condition, Broomsma allegedly began attacking Loewenhagen again while making apparent threats that she was armed with a knife.

Authorities say Guerra “disregarded her own safety to help protect the officers,” adding that she “body-slammed” the female suspect and “held her there until Sgt. Walters resumed consciousness and was able to handcuff the female.”

Guerra downplayed her reaction, crediting her profession with the reflexive response, according to WKOW.

“I’m in the medical profession. When you get into that mode, you’re there for your patients, you’re there for the person that you see in need. And that’s what you do,” she said.

[Featured image: Olivia Broomsma and Jacob Hellenbrand/Portage Police Department]