SEE IT: Police bodycam footage shows cops didn’t get out of car to search for dying teen who made desperate 911 call while trapped inside minivan

The police officers who responded to a 911 call about a teenager trapped in his car never got out of their squad cars to search for him.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Ohio high school student Kyle Plush called 911 on April 10 after a freak accident trapped him in the back of a Honda Odyssey minivan in his high school parking lot after he went to retrieve tennis equipment after school. According the Cincinnati Enquirer, Kyle placed his knee on a third row bench seat in the vehicle, which flipped over, trapping him underneath.

Kyle called 911 a first time, telling the dispatcher that he was in the parking lot of Seven Hills School in Hamilton County, but he didn’t reveal the make or model of the car before the call was disconnected. The first dispatcher reportedly tried to call him back but couldn’t reach him. In a second 911 call, fielded by a different dispatcher, Kyle shared more detailed information, but the dispatcher, Amber Smith, said she couldn’t hear what the 16-year-old was saying.

Responding officers were unable to locate Kyle’s vehicle, and Kyle’s father found the boy dead in the minivan later that night when he went looking for him.

Smith was briefly suspended but reportedly returned to work this week.

And a new report indicates that fault was not entirely on the botched 911 calls. According to police bodycam footage obtained by the Cincinnati Enquirer, responding officers  Edsel Osborne and Brian Brazile did not get out of the cruiser, and only checked one of three school’s three parking lots. But the bodycam footage only shows three minutes of the officer’s search, and they were reportedly at the school for 11 minutes. It is not known why the bodycam footage was only recording for three minutes.

The audio heard in the bodycam footage suggests that the officers did not believe that anyone was in serious danger.

“I don’t see nobody, which I didn’t imagine I would,” one of the officers can be heard saying, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer report. At that time, the officers were only aware of the first 911 call. The dispatcher who took that call reportedly did not share with the officers that she heard yelling and loud banging.

And the officers reportedly did not know about Kyle’s second 911 call, which came while the officers were at the scene, until they had already left.

“I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom I love her if I die,” Kyle said in that call.

An internal investigation regarding the 911 call and the officer’s response is ongoing.


[Feature Image: Kyle Plush/Handout]