When teen stops to help after crash, his car is stolen and wrecked by other driver: Cops

A high school senior in Texas says he learned a hard lesson about helping others when the fellow motorist he stopped to assist last week ended up stealing his car.

According to Fox News 18-year-old Jerry Ramirez pulled his Chrysler 300 sedan to the side of the road when he spotted a vehicle crash in Rockwall County.

A sheriff’s office statement indicates Delyn Stampf, 29, drove his pickup truck into a guardrail, injuring three passenger. One occupant was reportedly thrown from the vehicle during the crash.

After Ramirez got out of his vehicle and called 911, he said the stranded motorist got into his car and drove away.

He explained that he and the passengers in his vehicle were searching for the individual evicted from Stampf’s truck when he heard his own vehicle’s engine start behind him.

“I tried to motion for him to stop but he accelerated,” Ramirez said, claiming that Stampf nearly struck him with his own car.

“I was able to move out of the way, luckily,” he said.

Stampf reportedly drove the vehicle to a nearby town, where he crashed it, killing himself.

The passengers in the pickup truck reportedly claimed they had been drinking.

Ramirez has already exceeded a $10,000 goal in an online fundraiser to help him replace the stolen vehicle, which was not covered under his insurance.

Though the experience has not turned him off completely from helping other motorists, he said it has altered how he would handle the situation.

“I think I’d still pull over — just make sure I get my keys out of the car this time,” he said.

[Featured image: GoFundMe]