Woman takes part in vicious hate crime, beats and taunts mentally disabled teen live on Facebook

A woman who pleaded guilty to her role in the beating of a mentally disabled teen last year learned her fate in court this week.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Tanishia Covington and three other suspects initially pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and attacking a bipolar man in an ordeal that played out live in a video that streamed on Facebook.

The 25-year-old Chicago woman has since changed her plea to guilty and was sentenced to three years behind bars.

She was the second to change her plea in connection with the case, admitting to the commission of a hate crime in addition to counts of intimidation and aggravated battery.

The hate crime charged stemmed from profane, derogatory and racist language used against the white victim during the attack.

Her sister, Brittany Covington, pleaded guilty in December, according to the Global News. She filmed the beating and received a probated sentence of four years.

Criminal cases against the other two defendants are pending.

The video depicts an array of abuse as witnesses and participants are heard laughing in the background. Among the alleged indignities the witness suffered was being forced to drink water from the toilet.

Police say participants in the attack held a knife to the victim’s throat and engaged in a physical beating that lasted about 30 minutes.

In court this week, Tanishia Covington addressed the court to express her regret for the crime. The victim of the beating was present for her sentencing.

Discretion advised: Video contains graphic content some viewers might find offensive.

[Featured image: Kanishia Covington/Chicago Police Department]