‘I’m coming for you’: Mayor makes ‘veiled threat’ against police chief after DUI arrest, cops say

The mayor of an Illinois town is in hot water after a police report revealed allegations that he became belligerent and appeared to threaten an officer questioning him during a suspected DUI traffic stop.

According to Fox News, Romeoville Mayor John Noak was pulled over by a local officer on April 12, shortly after he delivered a State of the Village address.

Police reportedly received a report that the 44-year-old was driving recklessly, prompting an officer to initiate a stop.

According to authorities, the police cruiser’s lights were flashing for a prolonged period of time before Noak ultimately stopped his vehicle, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

When the officer approached, the mayor appeared to be talking on his phone. Noak allegedly blamed “talking to people” for his apparent inability to remain within the lanes on the road.

Police also noticed “fresh damage” to his vehicle and, upon request, Noak allegedly refused to consent to tests of his breath, urine or blood.

After he was placed in custody, the police report indicates he refused to answer questions.

Romeoville Police Chief Mark Turvey interviewed the mayor three times after he was transported to the police station. During one encounter, reports indicate Noak asked if the area “was under surveillance.”

When he was told there was visual surveillance but no sound recording, he “then spoke to Chief Turvey and said, ‘I’m coming for you,'” according to police.

The suspect’s “tone and demeanor” caused officers to interpret the remark as “a veiled threat,” though it “was not accompanied with any aggressive body language or movements.”

He later made another response, accompanied by a hand gesture, to an officer escorting him out of the station.

“No, you’re done,” Noak allegedly said when the officer said that the “process is done” in light of the mayor’s behavior.

The mayor released a statement apologizing for the incident and citing his attorney’s advice in declining to further comment.

“Once the case is concluded I will provide a more detailed statement,” he said.

[Featured image: John Noak/Village of Romeoville]