Nancy Grace

TONIGHT: High school murder victim’s best friend reveals who she thinks really killed Hae Lee

Adnan Syed’s first-degree murder and kidnapping conviction received nationwide attention after the release of the blockbuster “Serial” podcast and now, he may get out of prison. But should he?

Top legal analysts Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the high-profile Syed case in Thursday night’s “Grace vs. Abrams” on A&E, including a look at the 2018 appeals panel decision to vacate Syed’s conviction in ruling of a new trial.

This week’s episode features exclusive interviews with a close high friend of the victim, a close friend of Adnan, and Markus Kypreos, the host of “Truth & Justice” podcast and attorney who’s an expert on the case. Judge William Quarles, who presided over Syed’s original trial, also joins in.

Watch the latest “Grace vs. Abrams” episode at 11 p.m. EST on Thursday on A&E.

[Feature Photo: Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams/ Christopher Gregory]