Severed heads of red-haired women found in lakes 150 miles apart, investigators look for connections

Authorities in Texas and Louisiana are sharing information after severed heads were found in both states under similar circumstances.

According to Fox News, both heads were recovered in plastic bags within weeks of each other.

Though they were discovered about 150 miles apart investigators working on both cases admit there are several similarities.

Police say the victims appear to be white women with reddish hair and good teeth, according to KTVT.

The sites where the heads were found — Lake Houston in Texas and Calcasieu Lake in Louisiana — also resembled each other, according to police.

In both cases, the remains were discovered by individuals cleaning up near the lakes.

An inmate in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, found the first of the two heads on March 1. He was working with a prison labor unit when he saw it obscured in a grassy marsh near the lake.

The head found in a grassy marsh in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, came first. An inmate performing cleanup labor near the lake reported the discovery in a grassy marsh near the lake.

A group of volunteers cleaning up near the lake in Huffman, Texas, found the second head on March 24.

Neither victim had been identified as of the latest reports available.

Police said they had not made an arrest and did not identify a suspect in either case. Authorities in Cameron Parish and Houston confirmed they were communicating with each other in an effort to determine if the discoveries are related.

[Featured image: Pixabay]