Corey Feldman Update: LAPD says they have no new information, no witnesses in alleged stabbing incident despite recent report

Although a recent report indicated that an unnamed source said video footage and witnesses were uncovered in regards to a reported attack on actor Corey Feldman in March, an officer with LAPD claimed on Friday that no such information is on file.

The Blast reports that an unnamed source allegedly “directly connected” to a reported physical attack on Feldman in March said that detectives found several witnesses to the incident, including a firefighter captain and engineer. The source also reportedly said that authorities uncovered surveillance video from a gas station located close to where the attack took place.

CrimeOnline spoke to Officer Christopher No with the Los Angeles Police Department who stated that they have nothing on file regarding witnesses or surveillance in connection with Feldman’s claims. Officer No did indicate, however, that the incident is still open and under investigation.

CrimeOnline also reached out to Los Angeles Fire Dept. Station 93, who were unable to confirm or deny whether anyone within their fire station were witness to the incident. They indicated they had “no information” at this time. Requests for comments from the local gas stations surrounding the area of Ventura and Reseda in Los Angeles, where Feldman claimed the attack took place, are still unanswered at this time.

As previously reportedCrimeOnline spoke with Officer Lizeth Lomeli, an LAPD Media Relations spokesperson, who confirmed that Feldman called for police assistance after checking himself into a local hospital on March 27. According to Lomeli, Feldman told officers he was sitting in his car on the driver’s side seat at the corner of Reseda and Ventura Blvd in Los Angeles at around 10:45 p.m., when a man approached him, opened the actor’s car door, made stabbing motions at his abdomen, then fled the scene.

Lomeli confirmed that there were no lacerations or injuries on Feldman’s abdomen. She said it’s unclear whether he had any other injuries elsewhere, but none were noted by responding officers. The news comes after Feldman took to Twitter on March 28 and announced he’d been attacked by one man while two other men distracted his security guard, who was reportedly with him at the time.

Feldman posted photos of himself, apparently taken from inside a hospital room, where he wore a standard hospital robe and covered himself from the stomach down with a sheet. Feldman claimed that LAPD is currently investigating the alleged incident as an “attempted homicide,” but the comment has not been substantiated.

The description of the alleged perpetrator is still unclear. The identity of the security guard reportedly with Feldman when the alleged incident took place is also unclear.

Feldman’s attack claims have been widely disputed, especially after the actor posted a link to his GoFundMe campaign shortly after the incident, asking for donations for security. Several YouTube vloggers, including theater actor Bobby Wolf, have questioned the validity of the claims while conducting exclusive interviews with people once close to Feldman, in an attempt to get answers.

“Due to the lack of evidence the inconsistencies in the story lack of a decent picture and nebulous facts all revolving around the incident it just seems to be impossible to have had this [alleged stabbing] actually happen,” Wolfe explained to CrimeOnline.

“What is glaring to me is the fact that he was very insistent and immediate to blame a ‘Wolfpack,’ which he knows does not really exist, especially in the capacity that he feels it does, which shows immediately that he was trying to be deceptive because as the head of the ‘Everything Bobby Wolfe’ YouTube channel and naming the subscribers Wolfpack, I know for a fact that these people are innocent YouTube watchers and researchers that have nothing to do with anything nefarious at all.”

Feldman, however, according to his Twitter posts, sticks by his story and feels he is trying to be silenced through intimidation due to his quest to expose Hollywood predators.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional information becomes available.

[Feature Photo: Corey Feldman via AP/Richard Shotwell/Invision, File]