Drivers caught hauling 126 pounds of meth, assorted other drugs, along with Starbucks shipment: Cops

A semi trailer traveling through Washington state this week was stopped by police who found a large quantity of narcotics on board, including roughly 126 pounds of methamphetamine.

According to The Olympian, the truck was also transporting products destined for Starbucks locations in Spokane when it was pulled over along Interstate 5 a short distance from Centralia.

Lewis County authorities conducted the traffic stop in coordination with detectives from the multi-agency Joint Narcotic Enforcement Team.

Reports indicate the driver began acting suspiciously, prompting officers to call for a drug-sniffing police dog.

After the K-9 unit alerted officers of possible drugs inside the cabin, investigators allegedly recovered 40 large bundles of meth — along with suspected heroin, cocaine and thousands of prescription pills — in the sleeping compartment.

Police say none of the illegal drugs were located inside of the truck’s refrigerated trailer. The coffee-related supplies were reportedly not compromised by the illicit shipment.

Another truck took those products to their intended destination, according to a Centralia Police Department news release.

“No contraband was found in the trailer and none of the food product in the trailer was exposed or compromised,” police said. “The owners made arrangements to retrieve the load. It was subsequently transferred to another truck and continued on its way.”

A 22-year-old Mexican driver and a 62-year-old California resident who was riding with him were both arrested at the scene.

As the Centralia Chronicle reported, Superior Court Judge James Lawler set bail at $1 million for both defendants, citing an “unusual case” given the quantity of drugs found inside the truck.

“Community safety is an issue given the volume of controlled substances that were found here, together with the flight risk,” he said.

[Featured image: Centralia Police Department]