Popeye’s customer loses control, smashes window with chair when soda isn’t included in meal: Cops

Authorities in New York say they are looking for a suspect caught on surveillance footage throwing a tantrum and damaging property at a Popeye’s Chicken restaurant on Staten Island.

According to the New York Post, the woman became irate after learning that a value meal she ordered did not come with a drink.

She reportedly ordered the chain’s $4 Wicked Good Deal, a box meal served with chicken, a side and a biscuit.

The customer apparently expected a beverage and is seen demonstrating offensive gestures as she walked out, picking up a cardboard sign along the way and smashing it against the door.

She can be seen returning to pick up a chair and smash a plate-glass window before storming out the door.

The incident occurred Sunday at a location near the intersection of Forest Avenue and Veltman Avenue, according to police reports.

Authorities allege the suspect was under the incident of alcohol at the time.

She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a pink bandanna during the incident. Police believe she is between 18 and 25 and say they are searching the area in an attempt to locate her.

An employee at the Popeye’s location suggested the woman might have confused the chain’s meal with a similar $4 combo offered by Wendy’s, which does come with a soft drink.

As WPIX reported, police are asking anyone with information about the woman’s identity to contact Crime Stoppers by calling 800-577-TIPS.

“Hopefully they find her, I don’t want her in this store,” the employee said.

[Featured image: Video screen shots]