‘Now he stinks’: Man calls 911 to confess murder after body in tub starts to smell, cops say

Authorities in Indiana say a murder suspect called a 911 dispatcher to complain of the odor emanating from the dead body in his bathtub.

According to Fox News, 42-year-old Dwight Shotts allegedly phoned police on Monday and admitted that he killed 35-year-old Anthony Cline.

Police reports indicate he told the 911 operator that he was having “a rough one” after a fight that led to Cline’s death from a gunshot wound to the head.

“I didn’t know what to do,” he said. “I panicked, put him in the tub, and now he’s been in the tub, and now he stinks. I don’t know what to do.”

His alleged confession stemmed from a broad general acknowledgement of the death.

“There’s a guy dead in my house,” Shotts said.

He then went on to describe “an altercation” that resulting in the shooting.

Police officers were soon dispatched to Shotts’ Indianapolis home where they found Cline’s body in a bathtub and subsequently arrested the suspect, as reported by WTXF.

He is expected to face criminal counts including murder in connection with Cline’s death.

Shotts allegedly confessed to detectives that he intended to purchase $500 worth of prescription narcotics from the victim.

As the interview continued, however, he reportedly offered a different story in which another person shot Cline because of “monies owed.”

He said he waited to report the death to police because he feared for his own safety after the shooting.

[Featured image: Dwight Shotts andAnthony Cline/Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department]