Prosecutors: Airport employee killed co-worker’s fiancé so he could date her

San Mateo County prosecutors charged a worker at San Francisco International Airport with murder Monday for shooting the partner of a co-worker crush on April 25 in an effort to make way himself.

According to CBS News, Kevin B. Prasad (pictured left), 31, followed Thandel Seinn and her fiancé Mark Mangaccat, 31, to their Hayward, CA home last Wednesday after her final day of work before a planned marriage and move to Las Vegas with their three-year-old child.

The Sacramento Bee reports that Prasad—waiting in a car with Donovan Matthew Rivera (pictured right), 25—allegedly approached the couple parked in their vehicle and shot Mangaccat five to six times in the driver’s seat at close range. Seinn was not harmed, and Prasad quickly drove away with Rivera. Mangaccat died on the scene.

San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Tricia Povah told SFGate that Seinn did not see the shooter but “indicated there’d been some weird behavior from him.”

Seinn herself told CBS that she thought of Prasad as a work friend, and he was aware that she was in a longterm relationship. “We were friends. At the airport we work in same job; [my] boyfriend, me and him, we were friends,” she said.

“He just tell me, ‘Don’t go’ and ‘I want to be with you,’” Seinn continued. “He would just say something like a friendly joke.”

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told reporters Tuesday that prosecutors believe Prasad was serious about his feelings for her. They allege that he killed Mangaccat so he could have a chance to date Seinn.

“It’s this bizarre thought process of, ‘if I get rid of the boyfriend, I can be there to comfort the grieving girlfriend,’” the DA offered by way of explanation.

Both Prasad and Rivera were charged with murder, assault with a firearm, firing into an occupied vehicle, and lying in wait. They could each face the death penalty if convicted.

[Feature Photo: Kevin Prasad and Donovan Rivera/San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office]