Handcuffed defendant nosedives from second story in painful escape attempt, cops say [VIDEO]

Authorities in Utah released video surveillance footage of a man’s brazen — and painful — effort to escape custody at a courthouse this week.

According to Fox News, Christopher Clay Rudd appeared in court Monday in response to claims that he did not complete drug treatment classes he had previously been ordered to attend.

Court records indicate the 35-year-old had been summoned “for an order to show cause for skipping out on rehab,” as reported by KSTU.

He had been arrested last month on suspicion of weapons- and drug-related charges.

As the jarring video clip reportedly shows, a handcuffed Rudd can be seen briskly walking out of the Spanish Fork courtroom as bailiffs follow him. A moment later, a camera in the hallway captures the man as he leaps over a second-story railing and plummets to the floor below.

Reports indicate he sustained multiple injuries in the escape attempt, including a broken leg and pelvis and a skull fracture.

A surveillance camera downstairs reportedly caught Rudd as he fell.

Guards below could be seen rushing to the scene to check on him. The man remained motionless on the floor until the video clip ended.

A police statement acknowledged the incident, but indicated authorities are not sure at this point whether Rudd’s intention was to cause self-inflicted injuries in the fall.

According to police spokesman Matt Johnson, prosecutors could file additional charges against him in connection with the apparent escape attempt.

Discretion advised: The following video contains graphic content that might offend some viewers.

[Featured image: Utah State Courts, screenshots]