Job seeker destroys 7-Eleven microwave when she attempts to heat urine sample: Cops

A Colorado woman was cited by police after she allegedly caused a smelly mess at an area convenience store.

According to Fox News, employees of the Aurora 7-Eleven spotted the woman microwave something, which resulted in a loud bang from the appliance.

Following the disturbance, a sales clerk instructed her to clean up the mess, threatening to call police otherwise.

As a police report alleges, 26-year-old Angelique Sanchez “wiped out the microwave onto the floor.”

The woman allegedly ran out of the store at that point. Employees say they soon realized what had been in the microwave.

A staff member told police that she saw “yellow liquid dripping from the microwave” and recognized a smell that “was unquestionably urine.”

Authorities were able to track Sanchez down at a nearby medical center where she had been scheduled to receive a urine screen in anticipation of a possible job offer. Individuals attempting to cheat on such tests frequently heat the specimen in an attempt to mimic a natural temperature.

Instead of seeing a doctor, though, she met with authorities who asked her about the incident.

She was reportedly prevented from receiving the drug test that day and was issued a summons for damaging property worth $500.

Police say she told them that she had “cleaned up the mess and did not understand the problem,” to which they explained that she exposed food to urine contamination.

One officer said she responded that “it was not real urine.”

[Featured image: Angelique Sanchez/Aurora Police Department]