Update: Clues, missing woman dead?

Colorado police who initially thought a Longmont mother of three left by her own will now say they believe foul play was involved after they identified a person of interest.

CBS reports that 34-year-old Rita Gutierrez-Garcia was last seen earlier this year on St. Patrick’s Day after a night out celebrating with friends at the 3’s Bar in Longmont. According to her friends, Gutierrez-Garcia was behind the bar talking to someone on her cellphone shortly before she disappeared.

Longmont Police Deputy Chief Jeff Satur said authorities think the mother of three is dead after a lengthy investigation. Satur said they are still working the case, however, and hope that they are wrong.

“It breaks our hearts to have to announce that we think she’s dead. We hold out hope but our investigation has not lead us to believe that she is alive today.”

Satur is asking the public for assistance that could lead them to Gutierrez-Garcia. Authorities are offering up to $100,00 for information that helps solve the case.

Authorities also need more information to make an arrest. Police are giving little information at this point in regards to the person of interest, but believe the someone out there knows something. Satur indicated that the person in mind isn’t considered an imminent threat to the community but he believes people who could help investigators are staying silent.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, friends and family said it’s unlike Gutierrez-Garcia to simply disappear.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (303) 774-3700 or email policetipline@longmontcolorado.gov.

[Featured image: Rita Gutierrez-Garcia Longmont Fire, Police and OEM]