Tuesday Crime Stories: She sends 65K texts & sneaks into his bathtub after just one date! Claims ‘Love is for Infinity’

Jacqueline Ades, who is in jail on charges of stalking an Arizona man, explains that “love is excessive” and she thought she found her soulmate after one date. Ades sent 65,000 text messages to the man, allegedly broke into his home, where she took a bath and later told him she wanted to bathe in his blood.

Nancy Grace discusses the case against Ades with New York psychologist Lauren Howard, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, and RadarOnline.com reporter Alexis Tereszcuk.

Update: Alleged stalker who sent 65K texts to man she dated one time explains her side, says she’ll stay in jail for the love of her victim

Animal expert Dr. Grey Stafford and private investigator Vincent Hill join Nancy to look at the case of a baby killed by dogs in a Sherman Oaks, California, home. The grandmother told police she briefly left the child alone with three family dogs when the attack happened.

A California man on trial for beating his mom to death with a hammer blames a Benedryl overdose for triggering his fatal rampage. Drug addiction expert Dr. William Morrone, author of “American Narcan: Naloxone & Heroin-Fentanyl associated mortality” — a call to arms to combat the opioid epidemic — explains how the over-the-counter allergy medicine can cause dangerous delusions.

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[Feature Photo:Jacqueline Ades/Instagram, Police Handout]