Kindergartner finds cocaine in classmate’s backpack, starts chewing what she thought was sugar: Cops

A kindergarten student in Pennsylvania reportedly found a bag of cocaine in a classmate’s backpack this week and began chewing on it in the belief that it was sugar.

According to WPVI, a teacher saw the 6-year-old girl with the bag in her mouth. After suspecting it contained narcotics, she sent both students to the nurse for an examination.

“She put the actual bag in her mouth and was chewing it,” according to Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker. “Fortunately, she didn’t break the actual seal.”

A statement from Mastery Charter’s Hardy Williams Elementary School indicated that school staff “determined there was no evidence either of the students had ingested the substance.”

Parents were notified of the incident and staff searched all students’ backpacks, according to the school.

School officials say they do not believe the drugs came from the student’s home. The situation created significant concern and confusion among some of the other parents.

One individual picking up his grandchild from the school said he hoped to get some answers about the potentially dangerous situation.

“How does that even get in her bookbag?” Anthony Richardson asked. “Police will have a thorough investigation; hopefully everything is good.”

The teacher who spotted the drugs contacted authorities, who noted the possibility that the small package could have been part of a larger distribution.

“They are packaged to be individual like that, but usually they are in a larger grouping,” Walker said. “So we don’t know if in fact there were other glassine bags out there in the school at this time.”

Authorities advise that anyone possibly affected and exhibiting unusual symptoms should be taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

[Featured image: WPVI, video screenshot]