Ebby Steppach Update: Friends say they told police YEARS ago they noticed a foul smell near area missing teen was found

Although the remains of missing Arkansas teen Ebby Steppach were found earlier this week, friends are demanding to know why police allegedly ignored their pleads years ago to search the same area where Ebby was recently found.

Kailey Foley, one of Ebby’s best friends, and her mother, Margie Foley, came forward after authorities made the gruesome discovery on Wednesday. Ebby, who disappeared in October 2015, was found stuffed inside an underground drainage pipe at Chalamont Park in Little Rock, the last place the 18-year-old was seen alive.

According to TVH11, Margot first noticed the pungent smell in the park just days after Ebby’s disappearance, and called 911 immediately.

“I got right about here and I just got hit with the smell of decomposition,” Margie said. “I didn’t want her [Kailey] to smell it. She kept asking me why and I said, ‘I smell decomposition coming from that drain.'”

Maggie said she explained that she called 911 at least three times before an officer arrived to the scene. Over an hour passed before someone showed up to investigate, according to Margot.

“I was kind of dismissed by them,” Margot explained to TVH11. “This park was gone through with dogs and they would have picked up on that. It must be an animal or something….I’m very angry. I’m angry for Ebby. She didn’t deserve to lay down there like that.”

“It’s just hard to think, someone you know, or someone you were best friends with went missing. And then, turns out, they were where you thought they were the whole time,” Kayley added.

While Margot and her daughter are pushing for someone to be held responsible, the Little Rock Police Department indicated that since the case is an open investigation, they can’t comment on the situation.

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: Ebby Steppach/Handout]