Parents brutally beat 6-week-old baby, gruesome injuries ‘described as non-survivable’: Cops

Authorities in Connecticut say a man and woman abused their infant so severely the young victim is not expected to survive the injuries.

According to WTIC, authorities were dispatched to the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center earlier this week in response to injuries staff believed to be consistent with child abuse.

Among the child’s reported injuries were intracranial hemorrhaging, a broken clavicle, fractured ribs and severe bruising.

“The injuries, to this point, have been described as non-survivable,” a police statement confirmed.

Police arrived at the hospital on Thursday afternoon to observe the extent of the victim’s injuries. Officials believe the abuse that precipitated those injuries occurred at the family’s residence in Hartford some time around 6 a.m. that day.

“The listed injuries were classified by medical staff as not being self-inflicted,” authorities revealed. “The infant was listed in grave condition and currently continues to receive emergency medical care.”

Investigators identified the child’s parents, 23-year-old Edwin Babilonia and 20-year-old Ashley Riviera-Perez, as suspects in the developing abuse case.

“As the investigation proceeded it was determined the circumstances surrounding the incident were criminal in nature,” the police statement added. “Probable cause was later developed to charge both Babilonia and Perez in connection to the incident.”

Both suspects were arrested on suspicion of injury to a minor and cruelty to persons. Authorities say additional criminal counts are expected to be added in both prosecutions.

Babilonia was booked into jail with bond set at $750,000. A judge set a $500,000 bond for Perez.

[Featured image: Ashley Rivera-Perez and Edwin Babilonia/Hartford Police]