Seriously? 30-year-old whines he ‘can’t afford boxes’ after judge orders him to move out of parents’ suburban home

The 30-year-old man ordered by a judge to move out of his parents’ home now claims he can’t afford moving boxes in what appears to be another attempt to stall fleeing the nest.

The New York Daily News reports that Michael Rotondo, who was ordered by a judge to move out of his parents’ house by June 1, said in an interview with a local media outlet that he may have a problem complying with the order.

The problem? The unemployed 30-year-old says he doesn’t have money to pay for moving boxes.

“I need to start packing my boxes so I can move,” the deadbeat millenial said to reporters, according to

“But I have to pay for the boxes, which might be a problem.”

Rotondo has been living with his parents Christina and Mark in Camillus, New York, about 10 miles from Syracuse.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the fed-up parents had tried repeated measures to get Michael on his feet and out the door — including offering him money to move in February — before they took the case to court.

At his hearing, Rotondo had already pushed back on the eviction order, citing to the judge a “Common law requirement of six-month notice to quit before tenant may be removed through ejectment action,” CNN reports.

The judge was unmoved. And if Rotondo fails to comply with the order, he could be forcibly removed from the home.

In an interview with CNN Friday morning, Rotondo initially tried to deny that he was a millenial because he said he is a conservative, and argued that the term millenial usually applies to liberals. He eventually conceded that he was, in fact, a millenial.