[Video] Hero cop steps in to save 2-month-old baby choking in grandmother’s arms

A family in Georgia says they owe a debt of gratitude to a police officer who reacted immediately to save the life of a choking 2-month-old girl.

According to ABC News, a Marietta resident contacted authorities when the infant began choking and stopped breathing.

When Nick St. Onge arrived at the scene, the officer said he was the only one there and knew it would likely be up to him to save the child’s life.

The baby’s grandmother, Kianna Dorsey, was holding the baby and gave it to the officer.

Recalling his training, including a CPR course he had completed earlier this year, he began working on the victim to clear her airways.

The rescue was captured on St. Onge’s body camera. Dorsey can be heard telling him that the baby “only had a bottle” before choking.

After repeated attempts, the baby finally begins to cough and show signs of breathing.

“There we go,” St. Onge said. “Come on, baby. Come on.”

His effort paid off as the infant began crying. Paramedics soon arrived to assist and transport the baby to an area hospital, where she was treated and released.

While the family, along with plenty of others in the community and beyond, consider St. Onge’s actions heroic, he said he was simply performing his duties as a public servant.

“I’m just the guy who showed up to do what he had to do,” the officer said.

A Marine for nine years prior to joining the police force five years ago, he told reporters that he and other first responders train for exactly this type of situation.

“We prepare for those moments where people need us,” St. Onge said. “We prepare for those moments where people’s worlds turn to chaos and they need to call for help.”

[Featured image: video screenshots]