Cheating husband rigs wife’s parachute to collect insurance settlement–but victim denies he was trying to kill her

A British army sergeant has been found guilty of trying to kill his wife, but the woman who miraculously survived his attempt to fatally sabotage her skydiving outing says she still doesn’t believe he was trying to kill her.

The Guardian reports that Emile Cilliers was found guilty of attempted murder after he tampered with his wife Victoria Cilliers’s parachute before a jump in April 2015. Victoria, an experienced skydiver, implausibly survived the sabotage attempt, landing in a freshly plowed field, though she suffered serious injuries.

Cilliers had previously attempted to kill Victoria, 42, the month prior by tampering with the gas valve at the couple’s home in Wiltshire, where they lived with their two young children.

Emile, 38, reportedly had multiple affairs during his marriage, including liaisons with prostitutes. He was deeply in debt and is believed to have attempted to kill Victoria in order to receive a six-figure insurance payout.

Victoria spoke to the Times on Sunday following her husband’s guilty verdict that she is not convinced he intended for her to die, while acknowledging the problems in their marriage.

“My family, friends, everyone seems to think they know more than I do,” she said. “They see different evidence to me.”

“He was my husband. Yes, things might have been breaking down. He’d been unfaithful, he’d had issues with money, but that is not attempted murder.”

Victoria said her only focus now is trying to give her children a sense of normalcy. She said she told her children that their father had done something bad, but not that he tried to kill her.

‘I want to be able to put this behind me. I don’t want it to consume our lives. It’s not going to do them any favours if I’m bitter and ranting,” she told the Mail on Sunday.

“They need a happy, well-adjusted life. I want boring and normal for us now, for them to grow up untainted.”

Feature image: Victoria Cilliers/Facebook