Young mom of 3 girls found dead on Princess Cruise

Lawyers for a man accused of killing his wife during a cruise ship vacation argue in new court papers that it was not premeditated murder. Kenneth Manzanares is accused of killing his wife, Kristy, aboard the “Emerald Princess” last year. Nancy Grace looks at the case with Southern California prosecutor Wendy Patrick, Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, Private investigator Vincent Hill, and Crime Stories contributing reporter Chuck Roberts.

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Next, Nancy is joined by psychologist Dr. Pat Saunders, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan, and Crime Stories investigative reporter John Lemley to dig into the murder charges against a man who allegedly drive his car into a restaurant to kill his daughter and daughter in law.

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Finally, Grace discusses the new synthetic drug — K2 — that can turn users into zombies and worse. She consults addiction expert Dr. William Morrone, author of American Narcan — a passionate call to arms against a death storm sweeping across the Americas.

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[Feature Photo: Kristy and Kenneth Manzanares/Handout]