Wednesday Crime Stories: Private eye lures stepmom to reveal location of tot boy Lucas Hernandez’s tiny body

Private investigator David Marshburn found the remains of little Lucas Hernandez who had been missing from his Kansas home for four months by convincing Emily Glass to lead him to the rural bridge where she had hidden her stepson’s body.

Marshburn joins Nancy Grace for the first of two special Crime Stories episodes on the sad discovery. Also in this show are Kim Martin, whose Missing Pieces Network is helping his family find answers, Atlanta juvenile judge & lawyer Ashley Willcott, private investigator Vincent Hill, and CrimeOnline investigative journalist, Leigh Egan.

‘I went in his room and he was dead’: PI who found Lucas Hernandez says ‘cold’ Emily Glass described how missing boy died before hiding remains [EXCLUSIVE]

Coming in Thursday’s Crime Stories show, you’ll hear the secretly recorded audio of Marshburn’s conversations with Glass as she leads him to Lucas.

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[Feature Photo: Lucas Hernandez/Handout]