‘I can’t do jail, I can’t!’: PI releases recording of Emily Glass after she leads him to remains of missing boy, Lucas Hernandez

After Emily Glass divulged where she allegedly hid the remains of 5-year-old Kansas boy, Lucas Hernandez, a private investigator released recordings exclusively to CrimeOnline that he recorded while Glass rode with him in his truck on May 24, giving hints and clues he put together until he located the child.

Private investigator David Marshburn admitted that he told Glass, 27, that he was “on her side” and believed she was a “good person,” with the ultimate goal in mind of finding Lucas, a little boy from Wichita who vanished on February 17. Glass, the live-in girlfriend of Lucas’ father, Jonathan Hernandez, reported the boy missing and said she woke up from a nap in the early evening to find Lucas nowhere in sight.

Marshburn, along with his partner, Marsha, drove to Kansas from North Carolina, where they met with Glass, who after a lengthy conversation of over four hours, led them to Harvey County, Kansas, to an area under a small bridge, where she reportedly hid Lucas. Prior to arriving to the scene, Glass spoke candidly with Marsha and confessed she was worried and scared about going to jail. Similar to Marshburn, Marsha acted sympathetic toward Glass, with the goal of having her confess the location of Lucas.

Glass: “I’m a piece of sh**.”

Marsha: “Why do you say that? We’re right here, girl, we aint’ going nowhere. Look, everything is OK. And what aint’ OK we are fixin’ to make OK. Don’t be like that. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Glass (crying): “I can’t do jail, I can’t!”

Marsha: “You ain’t going to jail. “

Glass: “I know pre-trial service is not going to let me out.”

Marsha: “Child services has nothing to do with jail.” 

Glass: “No, pre-trial services, pre-trial. They can choose to deny me.”

Marsha: “OK, so if they do we post a bond. Regardless, you’re still coming out. If they don’t agree at pre-trial, we’ll post the bond.” 

Glass: “But, why? I don’t understand any of this…I don’t understand why.” 

Marsha: “What do you mean? Why what?” 

Glass: “Why would you help me?” 

Marsha: “Because that’s what we do. It’s our job.

Marshburn explained to Nancy Grace that although they appeared to Glass to be on her side, in actuality they were doing what they could to keep Glass talking by putting themselves into Glass’ mindset.

“We try not to lie and in our minds, we don’t. We put ourselves in her position because she’s lying to us. So, in her mind she makes a fake reality, so we do, too.”

At around noon on May 24, following a lengthy conversation with Glass the previous night, Marshburn, Glass, Marsha, and two service dogs set out to find Lucas. While inside the truck, Glass again began asking about her future. She questioned what would happen to her in court and if she would “get jail time” if she gave up Lucas’ location.

Marshburn explained to Glass that she would likely get an obstruction of law enforcement charge, which in Kansas, generally carries a penalty of probation. Marshburn was careful to not let on of any more serious charges that Glass could possibly face.

Lucas Hernandez [Photo: Facebook]
Glass continued, however, to doubt Marshburn’s intentions, stating that he’s only helping her in order to find Lucas. Marshburn indicated that he indeed needed to find Lucas and that if she wanted to possibly see her own daughter again one day, Lucas would have to be the “trade off,” and she would have to tell them where she put the little boy. Glass’ daughter, a 1-year-old toddler, is currently in the custody of the state after she was taken away from Glass in February, shortly after Lucas disappeared.

Glass’ concerns for her own well-being without much mention of Lucas didn’t escape Nancy Grace, who pondered why someone who once took care of the little boy would show not even a shred of concern for him.

“She has no sympathy, empathy, or compassion for what’s she done,” juvenile judge and child welfare advocate, Ashley Willcott, explained. “So while it may sound bizarre to us as rational, feeling, sympathetic, empathetic individuals, to someone like her, who has committed a heinous crime and is a criminal, she is more concerned about herself.”

After around a four-hour drive, Glass eventually led Marshburn to Lucas. Shortly after, she spoke with Sedgwick County detective and was subsequently booked on one count of obstruction of law enforcement. On Wednesday, authorities dropped the charge and Glass walked out of jail. That’s not to say Glass has gotten away with anything. Authorities explained that they are still investigating the case and awaiting a toxicology report on Lucas in order to complete the autopsy exam, after which, charges could follow.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as we continue to provide updates.

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