Nancy Grace predicts fair trial ending with CONVICTION for Harvey Weinstein [Video]

Following disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s indictment this week on charges including rape, his lawyer has suggested media scrutiny will prohibit him from receiving a fair trial.

When a TMZ cameraman asked former prosecutor Nancy Grace about attorney Benjamin Brasfman’s concerns, she scoffed at the question.

“Why are you asking me if Harvey Weinstein is getting a fair trial?” the TV host said. “Why aren’t you asking me what was fair to all the women he assaulted? That should be your question.”

Grace went on to cite one of America’s most famous criminal trials in making the case that Weinstein can expect justice.

“Is he going to get a fair trial? Look, if O.J. Simpson walked free I guarantee you he will have a fair trial.”

In her estimation, though, a fair trial does not mean Weinstein can expect a similar outcome to the Simpson case.

“Is he going to get convicted? Yes, he is going to get convicted,” Grace predicted.

She further criticized Brafman for floating a preliminary defense that the Hollywood culture of misogyny predated Weinstein’s arrival on the scene.

“I am disgusted by this defense that he is not the first one to invent the casting couch,” Grace said. “I just hope he says that to the jury.”

In her opinion, Weinstein will refrain from testimony throughout the trial.

“I can guarantee this: He will not take the stand,” she said. “He doesn’t have the guts. He’ll get sliced up like a Thanksgiving turkey if he takes the stand.”

While she said she would advise Weinstein to take a plea deal if she were representing him, from her current perspective she chose to “advise the state not to give him one.”

[Featured image: Harvey Weinstein/AP Photo, Julio Cortez]