Nasim Aghdam visited YouTube HQ the day before mass shooting to ask about job opportunities: Cops

Authorities in California have released additional details about the suspected shooter responsible for multiple injuries and her own death last month at YouTube’s corporate headquarters.

According to a recent update released by the San Bruno Police Department, Nasim Aghdam was at the scene of her bloody shooting spree just one day prior.

She allegedly arrived at the San Bruno building on April 2 and interacted with employees. In addition to asking for directions, she asked about possible job opportunities at the company, according to police.

In total, police said she was at the campus for roughly 10 minutes that day, during which she “asked for directions to the main office and was directed to the front desk where she inquired about employment.”

Police released additional details from the investigation, as reported by Fox News. The latest details relate in part to the time to the time police say Aghdam spent at an area shooting range roughly an hour before she opened fire on YouTube employees.

Authorities also claim additional details about the act itself became apparent during their investigation.

“Aghdam was carrying a purse over her left shoulder and walked directly to a pedestrian door leading to a courtyard area between the parking structure and the YouTube Building,” the police statement said.

She allegedly encountered an employee who asked her for identification.

“Aghdam ignored the employee, reached into her purse with her right hand, and removed a pistol,” police said.

The sight of her firearm led the employee to retreat and contact police.

Police say the shooter continued into the courtyard “and began firing indiscriminately into a crowd of employees eating lunch.”

In the course of the shooting, Aghdam reportedly spent an entire magazine, reloaded and continued firing both at individuals in the courtyard and the building itself before taking her own life.

[Featured image: Nasim Aghdam/San Bruno Police Department]