5-year-old tot Lucas Hernandez found dead, dad squashes rumors about alleged love life [Exclusive]

Grieving dad also remembers son’s kind heart: ‘Lucas was the smartest, sweetest boy you could ever meet’

Jonathan Hernandez, the father of Lucas Hernandez, a 5-year-old Kansas boy found deceased last month after a three-month search, is still trying to come to grips with the loss of his son, who he referred to as his “mini me.” The grieving dad spoke exclusively to CrimeOnline about who Lucas was and the things the little boy enjoyed during his short life, as well as rumors about his love life.

“Lucas was the smartest, sweetest boy you could ever meet,” Jonathan said. “Such a kind-hearted, adventurous boy….He has a very bubbly personality; always joking around. Very, very smart! He gets the giggles very easily, and they’re contagious!”

Lucas quickly captured the hearts of thousands of people throughout the nation after Jonathan’s former live-in girlfriend, Emily Glass, reported the little boy missing in February. Jonathan said he’s happily surprised so many people embraced his son and indicated that since birth, Lucas has been special.

“He’s a very special boy. He has been since birth. I’m amazed that he has touched so many people the way he touched our lives. I’m VERY proud to be his father.”

Posted by Jonathan Hernandez on Friday, June 1, 2018


In December 2012, Lucas was born with medical issues that kept him in the hospital for six weeks. He couldn’t drink or swallow properly and relied on a feeding tube for nutrition. At one point, according to Jonathan, he thought his son would never be able to eat or drink on his own, but a around one and half years of age, Lucas started thriving.

Lucas in NICU [Photo: Handout]
Not only did Lucas begin eating and drinking on his own, but his height and weight began increasing rapidly. Although he was still small for his age, Jonathan said the way his son began improving was nothing short of a miracle. Lucas started Pre-K at Beech Elementary School in Wichita, where, according to Jonathan, he loved learning and loved his teacher.

“His favorite things about school were his teacher, Mrs. Allen, and his friends. He enjoyed doing his school work. He enjoyed learning. I enjoyed talking to him about anything that came to his mind. I would try to teach him anything he showed interest in. He was amazing! Thought I’d be teaching him everything. I ended up learning from him as much as he did from me.”

As he grew into a young child, Lucas was typical of little boys his age. He loved toys, cartoons, and his “daddy.”

“[His] favorite toys were his scooter, anything Batman, and flying his drone I got him for Christmas,” Jonathan explained. “‘Inspector Gadget’ cartoons were absolutely his favorite. He’d always tell me, ‘I want to watch Gadget, daddy!'”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, private investigator David Marshburn found the remains of Lucas in Harvey County, Kansas, after Glass reportedly led him there, following a lengthy conversation with her on May 24. Jonathan said he’s been to site several times, hoping to capture the essence of the son he shared a special bond with.

Meanwhile, Jonathan also touched on rumors that he was back together with the Lucas’ biological mother, Jamie Orr, after the little boy’s death. Jonathan confirmed that the rumor was untrue and at the present time, the only thing on his mind is seeking justice for his son while grieving his loss in private. He also confirmed he is no longer with Glass.

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[Feature Photo: Jonathan and Lucas Hernandez/Handout]