Man grabs ketchup bottle to defend his wife against neighbor’s knife attack: Cops

Authorities in Tennessee say a man used what he had handy to halt a knife attack on his wife last week.

According to Fox News, a woman knocked on the door of the couple’s Murfreesboro apartment home early on the morning of May 31.

Local reports indicate the woman, identified as Shalonda Latrice Shepard, was a neighbor. The neighbors were not named.

Shortly after the couple answered the door, their neighbor allegedly threw a bowl of sugar at them.

It was unclear what precipitated the confrontation, which police say escalated outside when Shepard pulled out a knife and began stabbing the female neighbor.

In an effort to stop the attack, the man reportedly ran inside the apartment looking for any type of weapon. He returned a short time “with a bottle of ketchup and squirted it [at] Ms. Shepard,” a police report stated.

“Ms. Shepard became very angry about the ketchup and stated she was going to ‘take care of them in the morning,'” police added.

The suspect allegedly continued harassing the couple, following them back into their apartment. Both victims were able to transport themselves to a local hospital, police say.

Reports indicate the woman sustained injuries to her left elbow, upper back and stomach.

Shepard was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and criminal trespassing. She was booked into jail before her release on $20,500 bond.

Court records indicate she is set to make her next appearance before a judge next month.

[Featured image: Shalonda Latrice Shepard/Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office]