PIZZA POISON! Employee accused of mixing rat poison with cheese at Fayetteville pizza parlor

Authorities in North Carolina say an employee at a pizzeria in Fayetteville was arrested on suspicion of adding a poisonous substance to cheese at the restaurant.

According to the New York Post, 59-year-old Ricky Lee Adami was working at Primo Pizza when he allegedly put rat poison into the cheese mix set to be used in pizza served to customers.

Luckily, police say a manager spotted the suspicious substance inside the food as he was preparing for business on June 1. That individual then contacted police, who responded to begin their investigation.

The manager had already reviewed surveillance footage indicating Adami was responsible for the tampering, according to police.

“The preliminary investigation revealed that a manager was preparing pizza when he observed an unknown substance mixed into the shredded cheese,” a Fayetteville Police Department press release said. “The manager immediately stopped preparing pizza and reviewed surveillance footage to determine who prepared the shredded cheese.”

All of the contaminated cheese was disposed of before it could be served and no customers were ever in danger of coming in contact with it, according to reports.

Authorities arrested the suspect on Wednesday on suspicion of distributing food containing a noxious or deleterious material. As of the latest reports available, he was still being held in custody with a secured bond set at $100,000.

As the Fayettville Observer reported, indicate this was just the latest in a series of arrests for Adami, who has a number of criminal convictions on his criminal record. He has been charged with driving under the influence on multiple occasions as well as larceny and burning a public building.

[Ricky Lee Adami/Fayetteville Police Department]