White supremacist gang leader uses power drill to torture, kill man over claims of stolen cash

A high-ranking member of the Aryan Brotherhood in North Texas was sentenced to life in prison without parole after he was convicted of a gruesome 2016 murder.

According to Fox News, 48-year-old white supremacist Michael Lynn Rogers, also known as “Texas Mike,” used a power drill to torture and kill a man he believed stole money from his wallet.

The homicide occurred in July 2016 at Rogers’ home in Dallas, Texas, according to police. The victim, 34-year-old Alberto Gonzalez, was reportedly at the residence, as were members of gangs including the White Knights and Tango Blast.

At one point, Rogers allegedly accused Gonzalez of stealing about $600 from his wallet. The victim reportedly denied the accusation and a physical altercation ensued.

Police say the suspect began punching the suspect, leading members of the White Knights gang to join in on the beating.

One individual allegedly hit Gonzalez on his legs with a hammer. Police say another bashed the victim in the head with a beer bottle.

Rogers allegedly brandished a power drill to finish the brutal deed. Investigators believe he used the tool to drill holes into his victim’s head, chest and abdomen.

After the man’s death, Rogers allegedly transported the body to a nearby lake where it was dumped and burned.

According to the Dallas Morning News, jurors expressed concern about possible retaliation due to the gang involvement and violent nature of the crime.

After they announced their verdict, jurors left the courtroom under the protection of at least 15 bailiffs.

[Featured image: Michael Lynn Rogers/Dallas County Jail]