‘You’re too fat’: 82-year-old charged with battery after alleged racist attack on flight attendant

Authorities in Florida arrested an 82-year-old commercial airline passenger on suspicion of battery of a flight attendant while in the air.

According to WBBH, Gregory Alexander is accused of approaching the unidentified victim from the rear as she was serving passengers during the recent flight.

Police say he poked her aggressively in her back and demanded that she move out of his way before he began verbally harassing her in the aisle.

The flight attendant said his taunting began after she asked him to stop touching her.

“You’re too big for this job,” he allegedly told her. “You’re too fat, overweight.”

Alexander is also accused of using a racial slur to address the woman.

As reported by Fox News, an initial police statement did not indicate which flight or airline Alexander was on at the time of the incident. It was unclear exactly when the arrest took place.

The suspect, who lives in Fort Meyers, was arrested by authorities at Southwest Florida International Airport after the flight landed.

He is facing criminal charges including battery and interfering with aircraft operations.

Records indicate he was booked into the Lee County Jail. According to Raw Story, he was released after posting $1,000 bond.

Alexander is set to appear in court again later this month.

Representatives of Southwest Florida International Airport did not respond to media requests for comment, according to Fox News.

[Featured image: Gregory Alexander/Lee County Jail]