Caught On Camera: Cops use stun guns multiple times on furious Wendy’s customer

Authorities in Florida had a difficult time apprehending a suspect on Thursday in a dramatic episode captured on police body cameras.

As reported by WSVN, police were called to a Wendy’s restaurant in the southwest Miami-Dade area early Thursday afternoon in response to reports of a belligerent customer.

As the video footage showed, officers initially arrived and encountered the suspect in the dining area near the cash registers. Cellphone footage obtained from outside of the restaurant revealed customers and staff running out of the business as police entered.

Authorities identified the man as 35-year-old Joaquin Labaut. After repeatedly ignoring orders to get on the ground, police say they deployed Tasers, which appeared to have little impact on him.

He continued throughout the restaurant, at one point coming in contact with obviously terrified employees in the kitchen where officers continued to shock him with their stun guns.

The suspect can be heard yelling as an increasing number of officers demand him to get on the ground.

Police finally got the upper hand when the 240-pound man ran into the dining room again and appeared to trip, allowing officers to apprehend him.

Labaut faces three counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, three counts of resisting an officer with violence, four counts of resisting an officer without violence, and one count each of simple battery and disorderly conduct.

He appeared in court on Friday where a judge set his bond at $13,000 and ordered him to stay away from the Wendy’s location. Reports indicate he claimed he could not afford his bond or an attorney’s services.

“Your honor, I don’t have any money,” he said.

[Featured image: Miami Dade Police Department, video screen shots]