[VIDEO] Motorist gets high, rams another car repeatedly before stomping on it in road rage attack: Cops

A California man is facing multiple charges following what police believe was a drug-fueled road rage incident last week.

According to Fox News, 40-year-old Jose Garcia Alvarez was driving near the intersection of 10th Street and X Street on Monday in downtown Sacramento when the extended incident began.

Authorities told local reporters that another motorist called 911 to report someone was ramming the caller’s vehicle.

Multiple witnesses reported hearing a loud crash at about the same time and one woman recorded roughly 12 minutes of the ensuing chaos on the street near her home.

“I was inside my house and I heard a car accident,” Nikki Guinn said, explaining that she soon saw that it did not appear to be accidental at all.

Police believe Alvarez was driving the white SUV seen in Guinn’s video repeatedly ramming a blue vehicle. The footage appears to show the suspect exit his vehicle and violently approach the other car.

He allegedly hit and kicked the car, remaining on the victim’s vehicle until after responding officers arrived.

“I was actually really scared,” Guinn said, adding that it “felt unreal to watch” the scene outside of her home.

Sacramento police say they arrested Alvarez at the scene and transported him to an area hospital for observation. He has since been charged with criminal counts including felony assault and vandalism.

Guinn said she believes she “witnessed someone’s mental breakdown essentially” as she watched the SUV crash into the other car.

[Featured image: Jose Garcia Alvarez/Sacramento Police Department]